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Benjamin is a professional and creative collaborator. He understands the significance of situations and looks to come up with solutions that are appropriate and timely. Benjamin is also a calm and thoughtful person, which is a rarity in our business.

- Mark Thorp, Technical Resources Manager at Deluxe Postproduction -


May 27

The #cdnpoli #elxn2015 #AdWars: Part Three (Revenge of the progressives) Them some good looking average Canucks ya got there.. new democrat Ads! Catching up with […]

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May 26

LIBERAL Ads! And the fanciful flights of Trudeautastic vacillations & hypocrisy Desperately seeking the *middle-class. *middle-class, as defined by the Liberal Party of Canada The […]

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May 26

The #cdnpoli #elxn2015 ad wars: part one The Conservative front, and we’re not talking about some Randy Hoback full frontal CONSERVATIVE Ads! A little bit […]

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May 14

The Harper Conservatives’ jingoistic & purposeless assault on our eyes May 14th, 2015 Back to futile   The year is 2015, the same year in […]

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May 5

The Liberals rushed their #fairness event Monday May 4th, 2015. Good news everyone! Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was bright-eyed and bushy tailed this afternoon, fresh […]

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Creative Direction

I have 14 years of professional experience in Canada’s Creative Industry & Political Discourse.


Starting from a unique combination of creativity & technical skill to build stories that inspire action.

Video Production

Professional, beautiful, elegant, creative, thoughtful and articulate video services.

Video Post-Production

Imaginative, knowledgeable and purpose driven aesthetically with some of the best technical skills in the business.


I shoot for a 1000+ words per picture. I love shooting portraits, live events and products.

Live events

An advanced knowledge of AV solutions, apply these skills to events and presentations.

Benjamin is a hard working honest creative individual. He has consistently demonstrated a passion and dedication to his art in addition to being a pleasure to be around.

- John Coull, OCADU -

Inspired & Skilled

I can help you with your ideas. Help you optimize your return on investment, expanding the possibilities for audience outreach or even develop methods to generate or grow revenue.

He has a very well developed aesthetic and superior sense of timing. A thoughtful and deliberate creative with an understanding of objectives and goals is a rare find. His work has a richness and an understanding of the importance of moments – Benjamin is the creative producers dream of.

- Ian Capstick, Owner at MediaStyle -




Professional creative solutions

Using a unique combination of creativity & technical skill to tell stories that inspire action.

  • Video/Film: production
  • Photography
  • Live event AV
  • Video/Film: post-production
    • Aesthetic & Creative direction
    • Event Production

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    While some just pride themselves on thinking outside of the box, Benjamin doesn’t even believe the box exists.

    - Paul Matthews, Consul Media -